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Everything for hire can be hired half day, full day, or weekend (2 days)

Fence Post Hole Driller

Price: $130/Day With 1 Auger
$80/half day with 1 Auger
$10 additional Augers

Perfect for anyone looking to do fence posts or anything that requires a perfect round hole


Price: Half Day $220
Full Day $300
Weekend $500
(A 10% Deposit Required To Book It)

Looking for a trencher/post hole driller (All attatchments included at one flat rate)
Dirt Bucket: 1.120m Wide
Mulch Bucket: 1.2m wide
Spreader Bar: 1.23m Wide
Tipping Height (Dirt Bucket): 1.2 - 1.3m
Post Hole Augers: 200mm + 300mm
Trencher: 150mm Wide

Plate Compactor

Price: $90/day

Plate compactor is perfect for compacting Crusher Dust/Decomposed Granite/Roadbase. 

Lawn Roller/Lawn Airator

Price: $26Each/Day

Lawn roller for laying turf/lawn airator for preparing your yard to be fertalised

Mower Brush Cutter 

Price: $100/Day.  

Concrete Cutter

Price: $65/Day
$40/Half Day
$40 Blade Fee

Jack Hammer

Price: $120/Day (with 1 Tool)
$10 for Extra tools

Cement Mixer

Price: $35/Day
$25/Half Day

Concrete Vibration Shaft (4 Stroke)


This flexible vibrating shafts give reliable vibration for concrete in all applications.

Concrete Bull Float

Price: $26/Day

The bull float is used for smoothing the surface of concrete prior to it setting. Ideal in preparing the surface for trowelling or smoothing out concrete after it's been poured..

Concrete Screed


This concrete screed is ideal for smoothing and levelling concrete after it has been placed on a surface. 2 different lengths. 3000mm and 3600mm

Concrete brick trowel set (5 items)

Price: $26/Day.  

4.2m Heavy Duty Extension Ladder


Lawn/Soil Leveller


To be used to spread out topsoil or sands.

Fencing Equipment

$10/Day for each peice of equipment

Star Picket Rammer/Wire Tightner/Wire Unroller

Hydroulic porta press (10 tonne) 


Perfect to press dents out out of cars and trucks

350mm Brick/Paver Saw

Price: $85/Day
$55/Half Day
$40 Blade Fee

Brick & Paver Saw. Used to cut your pavers of bricks. Access to water is required