Mobirise review

Products Weights

Need to order the 4.5T truck, 9T truck or the 14.5T? Here's where you can find out. Take into consideration that weights will fluctuate depending on weather and moisture

MATERIAL                                   0.5m³                        1m³           

RoadBase:                                    750kg                    1500kg

5mm Drainage:                           720kg                    1450kg

10mm Drainage:                        720kg                    1450kg

20mm Drainage:                        750kg                   1500kg

40mm Drainage:                        750kg                   1500kg

70mm Drainage:                        750kg                   1500kg

150mm Drainage:                       750kg                  1500kg

10mm Concrete Blend:            750kg                   1500kg

20mm Concrete Blend    :       750kg                   1500kg

Deco/Crusher Dust      :           750kg                   1500kg

20mm River:                                 770kg               1500kg

20/40mm River                          750kg                 1500kg

20/75mm River :                         750kg                 1500kg

Fruit Salad:                                    700kg                 1400kg

Peaches & Cream :                    600kg                 1200kg

MATERIAL                             0.5m³                 1m³ 

Bronze:                                700kg              1400kg
Tumbled Sandstone :      600kg             1200kg
Wash Pit Sand:                  800kg              1600kg
Coarse Sand:                     800kg                 1600kg
Brickies Loam:                  720kg                 1450kg
Ballina White Sand:          720kg                 1450kg
Top Soil:                               650kg                 1300kg
Fill Soil:                                 750kg                  1500kg
Under Turf:                         450kg                   900kg
Ultra Premium:                  380kg                  760kg