Your local supplier of artificial turf. We have 2 different types in store. Otherwise we can order a wide variety of artificial turf. Come in and see us to check out our display

Urban Turf Solutions is our one and only supplier of artificial and synthetic turf products. They are australian owned and their products are Australian manufactured. They have a wide variety of products availiable, If you have a few moments please read why you should use Urban Turf Solutions products and why we only stock theirs.

Why Urban Turf?

Because they specialise in fake grass. IT'S ALL THEY DO!!!

For the latest designs and technology.

At Urban Turf Solutions, they pride ourselves on being the innovators when it comes to the research, development and manufacture of synthetic grass surfaces. Their experienced team have worked with landscape artists and designers to create the most real to life artificial grass available. They source the best raw materials from around the world to create their turf, ensuring quality and durability once laid.

For the best product on the market.

Don't get caught out with lower quality products which won't last the distance. Cheap imported turf products can fade quickly and loose their bounce. At Urban Turf Solutions they control the whole production process, from initial concept to production, distribution and installation, ensuring the highest quality standards are maintained.

All of their products are manufactured using state of the art, UV stabilised materials to protect against fading and deterioration in harsh climates. The specialised yarn has been created with a soft yet robust yarn which feels really great and looks naturally green all year round. Their surfaces also come with a manufacturer's warranty, giving you peace of mind.

Urban Turf offer a personalised service.

Urban Turf offer a personalised service to ensure your synthetic turf requirements are met the first time, every time.

Their network of registered landscape artists across Australia are qualified to install and distribute the Urban Turf Solutions synthetic grass surfaces. They will work with you to identify your exact needs and to arrange supply and installation.

At Urban Turf Solutions, they take pride in fulfilling our customers desires every step of the way - from designing artificial grass to suit individual needs, through to ensuring projects (including construction, installation and maintenance) are completed with no fuss

Urban Turf are proudly Australian owned and manufactured

Urban Turf Solutions is proudly Australian owned and their synthetic grass surfaces are made at our state of the art factory. While some turf suppliers in Australia offer cheap imported surfaces, you can be assured with Urban Turf Solutions you will receive a top class locally made surface designed for our specific environment by their production team.