Get a better price with rock around the block

Are you a Tradies or a Builder looking for a better price on your 50/50 loam? Brickies loam? Cement? or even off-white and white cement? Why not give us a call and see what we can do for you. We're happy to try to match the price your paying now, if you show an invoice on what you're paying and if we can match it we will. I'm sure our delivery price will already be cheaper for local deliveries. So give us a call and see what we can do for your business and hip pocket Required to present your QBCC card

50/50 loam

$740 for 10m³

As the name suggests this is 50% washpit and 50% brickies loam. 50/50 takes longer to cure tha brickies loam (great on those hot summer days) and offers great flexibility than washpit offering the best of both worlds. The light colour is ideal for anone wanting an off white finish and is a perfect partner for our sunlite off-white cement (CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK)

Ballina White

$1300 for 10m³

Also known as silver sand. A fine pure white sand used in sand pits (but not recomended) and brick work where a briliant white finish is paramount. Contains Sillica

Brickies Loam

$630 for 10m³

Used mainly for brick and mortar work, this is a fine "fatty" sand that offers great flexability. Used in a 4:1 Ratio (approx 12 bags cement/cubic meter does 1000 standard bricks). The use of mortar aid is recomended and offers even greater workability. Veneer ties and dampcourse are also available

WashPit Sand

$650 for 10m³

Used through out local schools and childcare centres as an excellant sand pit material and as a topdress on bowling and golf club greens. Also known as the plasterers sand, wash pit is ideal for rendering, plastering and heavy block work where a more rigid finish is required, than that is offered with brickies loam.

SL52 Concreting Mesh

Half Sheet: $38.00
Full Sheet: $68.00

SL62 Concreting Mesh

Half Sheet: $42.90
Full Sheet: $79.20

SL72 Concreting Mesh

Half Sheet: $55.00
Full Sheet: $90.00

Trench Mesh

$18.50 Each

6m Rio Bar

$14.65 Each

Wagners Bulders Mix

$7.00 Each


Wagners G.P (General Purpose)

$7.50 Each


Sunlite Off-White Cement

$10.50 Each


Aalborg Portland Brick Layers White

$11.50 Each